ARTICLE 3 of the club bylaws pertaining to membership


Section 1: Membership:


Membership is open to all persons 18 years of age and older who are interested in and enthusiastic about the promotion of model railroading.


Section 2: Application and Acceptance: 


Individuals seeking membership in the Club must submit a formal membership application, signed by at least one member of the Club.    Acceptance is contingent upon a majority vote of the members at the next regularly scheduled Club meeting (after submission of the application), without regards to race, religion, ethnicity, color, national origin, or financial status and completion of the probationary period as setforth below.  New Membership dues must be paid on the night of the next scheduled meeting after the neeting on which the applicants acceptance is confirmed into the club and is thereby considered to be a member.


Section 3: Probationary Period Requirements:


A sixty (60) day probationary period begins on the day the club members approve the applicants request for membership (application).  During the probationary period, the applicant must:

·         Participate in manning the club layout at the Flea Market in Lewisburg no less then two (2) Sundays a month to ensure flawless operation.

·         Participate in workshops organized by the club to make repairs and general upkeep of the modules.

·         Attend the monthly meetings held at various members homes on the last Saturday of the each month.

·         Assist with setup, assist with man power to ensure flawless operation and assist with tear down and transport of the mobile modular layout when traveling to various venues during the year. For example: Susquehanna Mall and The Greater Susquehanna River Valley Visitor Center.

·         Assist when requested by the club.

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